Clean Surfaces Well & Often

  • All through the plant we will be providing bottles of bleach water and towels. Please use them to clean surfaces by applying a light spray and wiping down.
  • Please note – the diluted bleach is a VERY strong sanitizer. It takes very little but works very well.
  • Particularly clean surfaces that are often touched or surfaces around you after sneezing or coughing.

Wear Face Masks

  • We will be providing masks for everyone to wear inside of the plant. The mask will be a requirement for being inside just like safety glasses already are. Please continue to sanitize your work stations and keep your hands washed. Don’t touch the mask while it’s on your face. Sanitize hands before and after wearing the mask. 

Practice Social Distancing

  • Flu viruses spread through droplets when someone sneezes or coughs. Most often transmitted by hand to the face. While at work, including when you are on breaks, please distance yourself 8 feet apart from your coworkers.