Chervan is a team of 175 craftspeople and support staff focused on making great furniture right here in the USA. Founded in 1932 by Frank Chervan, the company continues to bear his name and remains family owned.

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Frames & Components
Are you a manufacturer, upholsterer, or designer within the trade? We offer over 175 chair frame styles to suit your needs. Our extensive catalog includes expertly crafted frames, top quality furniture components, and a variety of upholstery supplies all made in the USA.
Full Manufacturing
Are you a seating company looking for custom furniture for your next installation? With our immense customization capabilities, we’re here to help. We’re able to take your ideas and make them a reality. Take our short survey to find out if Chervan is the right fit for your needs.
Choose from thousands of frames! Our catalog is available for wholesale only.
As an established company founded in 1932, Chervan has a rich background.
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Turn our fine frames into custom furniture by pairing up with a professional.

Our Process

Fine furniture frames begin with excellent raw materials. We source our domestic woods from regions known for their quality as well as European beech for even more flexibility. Before any wood is cut, it is drawn and designed by our skilled engineers. All products are drawn in CAD which integrates with our cutting-edge CNC technology. With the use of our advanced machinery, products are cut, shaped, and sanded.

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