First Generation Masks

  • – They are meant to tie and strap behind your ears.
  • – They can be washed, sanitized, and reused.

Second Generation Masks

  • – They are meant to tie and strap around the back of your head.
  • – They can be washed, sanitized, and reused.
  • – They are made in such a way that the elastic pieces can be slid out of the mask before disposal.
  • Do not throw away a second generation mask without removing the elastic and returning it.

Important note: Elastic is in high demand right now due to this crisis. There is a shortage and it is difficult to find more. In an effort to make as many masks as we can, we will be saving the elastic from second generation masks. This elastic will be washed and completely sanitized before reuse. 

  • We will be providing masks for everyone to wear inside of the plant. The mask will be a requirement for being inside just like safety glasses already are. Please continue to sanitize your work stations and keep your hands washed. Don’t touch the mask while it’s on your face. Sanitize hands before and after wearing the mask. Learn more about what the CDC says about cloth face coverings.